Department of Music and Arts

The Department of Music and Artsat CWC is aministry that seeks to honor God through (worship) music, drama and dance.

The Aim of this ministry is to nurture the artistic gifts of its members in a professional and spiritual mannerby creating captivating, inspiriting and thought provoking productions that will draw people closer to God through Music, Drama and Dance. It exists as a medium of propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ by motivating, encouraging and stirring up a desire and passion in the audience for the things of God.


Music Ministry

The Music Ministry of Calvary Worship Centre (CWC) exists to provide a leading role in congregational worship with our God-given musical gifts and talents. In particular, we seek to represent the diversity of people within our multi-cultural and multi-generational flavored congregation.

The ‘DNA’ of our music is unique in that it is African/Caribbean flavored and hints of this are also attached to the more contemporary style worship songs. The Music Ministry of CWC has grown over the years from a handful of dedicated instrumentalists and singers to over 36 members who serve each week on a rotational basis.

The CWC Music ministry is in position to lead the congregation into worshipping God through music that sets their eyes and heart towards God and create an atmosphere for the unbelievers to accept Christ. The Music Ministry also helps to set the mood of every service for the word to be readily preached and received.

Our Vision is to raise a congregation of true worshippers that transcends the church walls and is full of the embodiment of God.

Our Mission is to see the transformation of lives through worship; raising a congregation of true worshippers.


Arts Ministry (Dance and Drama)

The Dance and Drama teams at CWC use their skills to help bring the scripture to life through acting and dancing. We have Kids/Youth and Adult teams in both art forms. They perform plays, skits, and choreograph during special events throughout the year.

If you believe you have a calling in any of these areas of ministry please contact Theo Bessem, the Director of Music and Arts, at theobessem@calvaryonline.ca.