Calvary Worship Centre desires to support and encourage those who have an immediate need, or are simply looking for some direction. Our belief is that Caring for each other and Prayer are two areas of ministry that are interwoven and gain strength and support from each other. Our mission is to offer encouragement, support and love, praying for each other so the Holy Spirit can bring emotional, spiritual and physically healing to the church.

If you need some assistance, you can contact us using the contact form on this website, fill out a CONNECTION CARD at church, or call the church office on 604 498 2575.

Here are some ways that Calvary can help people in our church family.

Spiritual needs

If you have questions about becoming a Christian or need help to grow deeper as a Christian, we offer classes, mentoring and spiritual counselling. Please contact us to let us know how we can help. We will direct you to one of Pastoral team members

Physical Needs

Whether you have a pressing need that requires immediate care or you’re simply looking for some direction, our Deacons board is available to assist in various ways, matching a variety of resources to the needs of congregation members. Even where the deacons are not able to assist directly, they might be able to refer you to people or organisations that can assist you. You can contact one of the deacons by going to the Needs & Resources table at church.

Pastoral Needs

Do you have challenges in your family, or with a significant relationship, need counselling on some issues that you are grappling with? We can connect you with one of our pastoral team.