Delivered from Sudden Cancer Attack

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad (Psalms 126:3)”.

I am almost tempted to re-write and personalize these verse; but for the sake of not altering the way the Bible says it, I’ll leave it as the song of David, but technically, it is my song!

God has done great things for me since I came to Cavalry Worship Centre. An attempt to give a full account will spill beyond the pages of this book; so I will tell of the most recent miracle of healing I received from God.

My health was under attack recently – my blood pressure specifically had spiked to an alarming level. It was even more concerning to note that there was no stressful situation responsible for this highly elevated readings. Let me save you the trouble of knowing the exact number – let’s just say it alarmed my doctor, and triggered a visit to the hospital’s emergency ward. I tried every natural method I knew to bring it down; but the situation worsened over a short period of time.

I started observing some other disturbing symptoms. Hard as I tried, they could not be ignored. At that stage, I started praying earnestly, and sought medical help. Series of tests were conducted clinically; and according to the results, I was told it was a case of cancer (because there was a huge lump), and that I will also have to undergo a heart surgery. The doctor also requested I come back to the clinic the next day for one more test (this was supposed to be the final test since I had taken all the possible tests).

Wow! What a heavy tiding it was – almost like receiving a death sentence!

Despite the turmoil in my heart, God gave me a deep rooted/unshakeable faith – transcending any fear that could arise. I called a close friend of mine for a prayer of agreement. God assured us HE was going to deliver me, and that this disease will go as suddenly as it came. As customary with the devil, he flashed several negative thoughts through my mind; but the Spirit of God, through God’s word, raised up a standard against each of those thoughts. There was a real battle going on, but the opposing army was no match for my God!

I kept my mind engaged with God’s word, sermons, songs, scripture confessions, and any testimony available. Knowing it was time for God to showcase HIS power, I kept saying “God, this is an opportunity to prove you once more; take all the glory”. In a nutshell, I went back to that same clinic the next day (as instructed), and believe it or not, it was gone!

I was given a clean bill of health! No more cancer! No more surgery! Even all the dreadful symptoms had disappeared in an instant!

The healing happened so quickly I almost doubted the initial doctor’s verdict of cancer/surgery. But the Spirit of God told me the doctor’s initial report was true, but because we prayed, HE had taken way this condition overnight – all of a sudden – as HE said!

Folks, truly there is no impossibility with God – I have proved this over and over again. Most times we limit Him by our lack of faith! Permit me to raise this assurance – if you give God the opportunity to take the glory for whatever situation you might be facing in life, He will astound you in measures beyond the comprehension of your finite mind! He is able to do exceedingly….Ephesians 3:20.

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him, how I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er;

Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, oh for grace to trust Him more!


Truly my God has done a miracle for which I will forever be grateful!!!

- Susan (CWC)