• Please pray for my stepfather to get a job
  • Please pray for my brother who is suffering from skin disease
  • Please pray for M who has had a stroke and cannot move the left arm and leg yet
  • Please pray for healing on my feet and back
  • Please pray for me to be completely delivered from addictions and depression in Jesus name
  • I ask for God’s guidance as I continue my recovery from alcohol(rehab) and I pray that God would reunite me with my children
  • I need prayer for a full time job and financial breakthrough
  • God give me strength, there’s a lot going on and I need prayer especially for my schooling and searching for a new job
  • I am looking for a full time job as a medical office assistant and praying for a marriage partner.
  • I need prayer please. I have pain all over my body. The doctor says I have cancer. Please pray for me and happiness for my family