Discovery Classes


They are a series of teaching and discussion sessions designed to connect you to Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the Church family and give you a good understanding of fundamental Christian Truths.

Who can attend?

Discovery Classes are open to anyone attending Calvary Worship Centre. Since they are aimed at people at different stages of Christian growth, we encourage you to join the class that appears most appropriate for you. For instance, new believers are encouraged to attend DC 101, and then progress through the various stages.

How often are Classes held?

Classes run for between 3 to 8 weeks, and will be repeated several times a year, to enable members to progress through the various stages of growth.
They will be held before the Sunday service, from 9:30am to 10:45am.

Is there a charge for the classes?

No! Discovery classes are free. However, there may be times when certain books or reading materials are recommended for attendees to purchase, but this will not obligatory.

How do I register?

Complete one of the Registration Slips in the bulletin, or pick up a slip from the ‘Welcome Desk’ in the church lobby. You can give the slip to any of the ushers or place n the offering basket.

DC 101

Discovering Christianity

DC 101 is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life in a relaxed, friendly setting where no question about life or God is seen as too simple or too hostile… questions like: Is there a God? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What did God do for you? What does God want you to do?<br />
This interactive class provides a nurturing, supportive environment for anyone who has questions about God and Jesus, as well as any who have recently entered into a relationship with Jesus. We will provide you with the basics to begin walking with God.

DC 201

Discovering Spiritual Growth

DC 201 classes are designed to assist you in your walk with Jesus by giving you some helpful tools that you will need to get the most out of your relationship with Him. In the class, we talk about the daily disciplines that help you in your spiritual development.

We will address how maturity happens, show you the resources available to you, and give you some practical helps to overcome some of the common obstacles that keep us from growing in Christ.

 DC 301

Discovering Church Membership

This class is a basic introduction to our church family, and through it you will learn who we are, why we exist and what we believe. The class is designed to clearly explain what our church is all about. We want you to catch a vision of what God intends to do through us in making a positive impact in our world for Jesus Christ.

Attending this class is a prerequisite for membership of Calvary Worship Centre. You should have attended CWC for at least 3 months before attending this class. You will also need to be baptized before this class, if not already baptized.

 DC 401

Discovering Christian Doctrines

The Christian faith, more than any other, is based on doctrine. Some of these doctrines (truth claims) are absolutely essential and non-negotiable, and form the foundational teaching of Christianity over the centuries.
DC 401 will discuss some of these doctrines. Our hope is to train ourselves to understand and articulate Christian truths. This strengthens our faith and places us in a position where we can also teach others.

DC 501

Discovering my Gifts & Ministry

Are you eager to serve the Lord, but struggling to figure out the “best fit” for you and your abilities?<br />
We believe that every person who calls Calvary Worship Centre “home” has been placed here by God with a divine purpose in mind. The Church is wealthy beyond her greatest dreams, full of gifts that will enable believers to achieve all that God has planned for them.
This class will help you discover your spiritual gifts and ministry and how you can best use them for the glory of God and the benefit of the church community.

DC 601

Discovering Spiritual Leadership

The Leadership class is the final stage in our Discovery series. Our desire is to train and help mould believers to become effective leaders in the church, in whatever capacity or type of leadership role they are called to fulfil.
We will discuss the scriptural requirements for spiritual leadership in the church, and help you discover God’s call on your life and how you can respond to that call in a way that honours and serves the Lord. This class is especially valuable for anyone aspiring to a life of ministry and spiritual leadership.