God’s Faithfulness for a Single Parent

I want to thank the Lord from the bottom of my heart for all he has done for me and my three children. 6 years into my marriage I got divorced due to emotional and physical aggression. The girls were under 5 years old it was a very difficult time to joggle work and a single parent lifestyle. I believed the Lord gave me the girls as a gift and did all I could to look after them, nurture, pray and protect them.

I trusted the Lord to provide for us and he blessed us in many ways, we never lacked any good thing. Our home was open to lots of other children who called me Mum and knew they were always welcome. At Christmas we had a carol night with over 20 children acting the nativity in our living room and in July we had the summer BBQ.

All three daughters are graduated from university as well as many of the children that call me Mum.

I found comfort in Isaiah 54, today I still support single Mums and encourage them to continue the good work that the Lord has started in them. We Christians are not exempted from suffering but it is important how we react to it. Be blessed!