God has Changed my Life

I wanted to give you my testimony on how God has changed my life. Maybe this can help &/or encourage others in some way. I first came to Calvary when we were at our New West location. My first service was May 10, 2012. I had no idea what to expect nor did I have any clue that I would end up giving my life to Christ that day. I remember brother Gordon was there & he greeted me with a huge smile on his face; like I was a brother he hadn’t seen in ten years (Little did I know that day that I would become his Brother in Christ). I can remember also walking into the sanctuary & having the most wonderful feeling of peace come over me. I had no idea at the time that what I was feeling was the Holy Spirit. I’d had nothing to compare it to in my past. When I walked into that sanctuary it felt like I was coming home.

I remember how everyone greeted both my wife & I so warmly. When the praising & worshiping started & I saw people around me jumping & singing with their hands raised; I remember thinking to myself: “What is wrong with these people” now look where I am today only by God’s grace. Dancing for the Lord every Sunday. Hearing the Pastor preach the word of God that day is something that I’ll never forget. I don’t remember the sermon; I just remember the intense feeling coming over me that I was in the right place that something was happening even though at the time I wouldn’t have been able to articulate exactly what it was.

At the end of the sermon the Pastor asked if anyone needed to come up & give their life to Christ. I remember standing there not really knowing what was going to happen. Then he started to pray for me & the Holy Spirit came upon me & I began to openly sob because the pain I’d been carrying was too great to bear alone any longer. After giving my life to Christ my journey with him began. My life was changed that day, the day that I was accepted into Christ’s body. One month later I was baptized & there have been so many blessings that have come into my life since then. My life has never been the same since; something I will am so incredibly grateful for.

Soon after I met someone who would not only become the Big Brother that I never had, but he became my spiritual mentor who truly helped me understand who I am in Christ. If that was blessing enough in itself;  he has been training me for almost a year now. To date I’ve lost 85lbs. Every pound I lose is another link of the chains of obesity that have bound me all my life. My mentor has been a blessing to me in ways that I don’t think I will ever be able to repay. He has helped me too see myself the way God sees me; as more than a conqueror, Redeemed & Forgiven For All My Sins & I Am Free From Any Condemnation Brought Against Me & I Cannot Be Separated From The Love Of God.  He also sees that athlete in me, something that I never thought I would ever be.

That is just one of the blessings I have received. Through God’s grace & my standing on the Word, I have thrown off the chains of pornography; the angry violent man I was no longer exists. The rage I carried inside me for so many years has been replaced with a peace & joy of the Lord that brings tears to me eyes when I think of how wonderful that feels. I now have a church of brothers, sisters, grandmothers & aunties. People that love me, care for me & are behind me with their prayers, support & kind words.

I have learned obedience & discipline. I have learned that there is a calling in my life to serve the Lord. Whether that is preaching the Word of God or helping others to throw off the chains that have bound them for so many years, or in any other way that the Lord wants to use me. I am ready to be his servant with all that I am. I am humbled that God would choose me to serve him & am so joyful of how I can serve him in the future.